Dal piatto al bicchiere (From dish to glass) is a project whose aim is to propose an extreme and unique gin. Here tradition meets innovation: we have converted the typical traditional dishes into liquid, to relive the flavours of the past, revisited in a contemporary key, thanks to the encounter with the world of spirits.


As with all projects, the intuition they come from represents something relevant to the people who will develop them. Our inspirational values are the driving force  to tell you our story through gins. Tradition, Innovation and Sustainability are the frame to our project. These firm beliefs enable us to develop a conscious business.


Intention, inspiration and values are important elements, but now let’s move on to practice! Our gins express their maximum potential with meals. We have thought of numerous matches to let you experience a taste explosion. It will leave you speechless!

Grandma Lisa’s “Ribolgin”

Cold Compound Gin 40% vol.

Uncle Carlo’s “Ginsanto e cantucci” 

Old Tom Gin 40%vol.

Mamma’s Graziana “Panzagin” 

Cold Compound Gin 40%vol.

Grandma Alfa’s “Panmòllo 1912” 

Cold Compound Gin 40%vol.

White two thirds

Liqueur 20%vol.

Red two thirds

Liquore 20%vol.